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How The Table Works:

What makes our systems unique is the about the very important information it provides for the real sports investor.  In fact, our FREE program is run by a team of sports expert that invest in sports with success for the past 20 years.

To make a long story short, let's say we are successful sports investors and by providing this unique information to you, we simply hope that you can reach your goal by betting on soccer.

Now, the most important thing you need to know when it comes to sports investing is the VALUE of a bet.  You absolutely need to understand this concept before starting your journey in sports investing or you will never make any profit at all!

Now, what is VALUE?

The value of a bet is when you can expect a certain winning percentage for an outcome and when the odds (price) for this specific outcome represent a better value than the winning percentage allowed to this outcome.

I know it maybe tough to understand but let me give you an example:

Let's say you have these odds for a soccer game:

1 (6.65)   X (4.30)  2 (1.50)

When you look at these odds, you must understand something...If you plan to invest (bet) on the outcome #2, you need to know that this odds represent a break even point of 66%

That means you in the same situation with the exact same stats, you will need to win at least 66% of your bets at these odds just to break even over the long term.  No profit is made so far.

So, if you think outcome #2 has 50% chances to win, there's no value at all for this bet.  That mean you will lose money over the long term.

However, if after lots of research and you come to a point where you think this outcome has 75% chances to win, you have some value for this bet and over the long term, you should earn a nice profit.

The only problem is to find the real winning percentage in a game.  But, that's not a problem anymore because our unique neural network and our team of experts are doing the work for you and we are happy to provide you this amazing info absolutely FREE!

If you just want to invest on one income, you can simply look at  the color of each odds and you will know right away if there's a value for your selection.

  Red means no real value for this outcome.  For the same situation, money should be lost over the long term.
  Yellow mean a good value for this outcome. For the same situation, a profit should be made over the long term.
  Green means a very good value for this outcome.  For the same situation, a good profit should be made over the long term.


On 1, 2, 3:

If you decide to use 2 outcomes, this is the amount of money or points to invest on each specific outcome to get a sure profit if one of these outcomes win.  If you place the same stake on each outcome, you can still lose money even if your predictions win.

Our system will simply tells you how much to invest on each outcome to secure a profit.  This number is calculated for a stake of 100 points.  From this number you can convert it to any kind of stakes size.

Example with Aston Villa - Arsenal.  By investing these amounts, if Arsenal wins at 1.50, you still make a profit.  66.67 x 1.50 = 100.

100 - 66.67 -15.04 (your 2 stakes) = +18.30


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